Support Policy

This page is intended to outline 4ward Design’s policies regarding support provided to its clients during and after a project.

Support During Website Project

While designing and developing your website, 4ward Design will make every effort to identify issues and errors with your website. We will test all aspects of plugins, functions, and features that are outlined in the project proposal/quote to ensure that they are operating as expected.

Support After Website Project Launch

Based on any maintenance or service agreement made prior to project launch, this section may vary per client. If no prior agreement is made for ongoing support, then 4ward Design assumes no responsibility for supporting the clients website. If there is an issue or error due to an update or change made by 4ward Design, or to its hosting provider or servers, 4ward Design will be responsible for any fixes necessary to maintain operation of clients website. However, if issues or errors arise from client changes or modifications to existing code, the client will be responsible for fixes necessary. If 4ward Design is required to fix issues created by the client, the client will be billed at an hourly maintenance rate.

Email Support

As a part of your hosting fees, 4ward Design will set up a webmail email account for all of the requested individuals on the clients team. We will provide a quick intro to your new email account, brief instructions on setup, and help you get logged in or set up an email forwarder to push mail to an existing email account. 4ward Design assumes NO responsibility setting up email accounts on any of your devices, computer based email platforms, or 3rd party email marketing systems.

Print Support

Upon completion of a logo or any print design, 4ward Design will provide all associated files to the client. We will save the design files in a number of different formats, and will work with the client to identify any print needs or specifications prior to completing the project. However, once the project is considered complete, any further modifications, resizing, formating, or overall adjustments will incur additional fees.

Project Completion

4ward Design considers a project “completed” when the final payment has been delivered to 4ward Design by the client. Any additional work or add ons requested by the client after completion of a project will be billed separately.